In September 2008, the Government of Barbados decided to establish a Unit to coordinate the implementation of the CARIFORUM-EU Economic Partnership Agreement in Barbados. This decision was announced formally by the then Minister of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and International Business, the Hon. Christopher Sinckler during his feature address on the occasion of the EPA Signing Ceremony in Barbados on 15th October 2008.

On 1st July 2009, the EPA Implementation Unit became operational and the Foreign Trade Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade retained the services of an EPA implementation Consultant to advise the Ministry on EPA matters and to assist with the establishment of the Unit.


EPA Unit’s Mandate

The Unit’s mandate includes:

  • Ongoing liaison and interaction with public and private sector institutions to identify EPA-related needs and possible sources of development assistance to address those needs.
  • Developing and executing a sensitization and information outreach programme to inform stakeholders about EPA-related benefits and opportunities.
  • Working with Government Ministries and other agencies in developing or strengthening Barbados’ regulatory and enabling environment in order to facilitate the exploitation of EPA-related opportunities by the private sector.
  • Working with private sector institutions in organizing workshops and other interactive sessions to inform economic operators about market access opportunities in the EU and how to take advantage of those opportunities.
  • Liaising and interacting with EU-associated institutions, which are responsible for providing funding and various forms of technical assistance to support development and growth in ACP countries.
  • Interfacing with regional and locally-based institutions involved in managing and/or disbursing resources, which could be used for EPA-related projects.
  • Developing an appropriate set of indicators and benchmarks to facilitate the monitoring of EPA Implementation in Barbados.