Africa, Asia, Europe Division

The Africa, Asia and Europe Division is responsible for pursuing the establishment and strengthening of relations between Barbados and the countries within those respective regions, as well as the Middle East and the Pacific.

The Section monitors developments in the regions for which it has responsibility and prepares proposals, briefs and reports on the relevant countries and on issues of importance to Barbados.  It also explores potential for cooperation with the countries of these regions and seeks to conclude an array of cultural, investment, trade, economic and other types of cooperation agreements to enhance bilateral relations.

A major focus for Barbados, as part of its foreign policy objectives, is to achieve a stronger and more tangible relationship with the countries of the continent of Africa, as the underpinnings of this nation’s history, culture and racial identity are inextricably linked to Africa.  Asia is one of the fastest growing regions in the world and, as such, an emerging focus of Barbados’ foreign policy. Expanding relationships with traditional and new European, Middle East and the Pacific partners remains constant in executing Barbados’ foreign policy.

The Section also works closely with other Government Ministries and Agencies in the expansion of Barbados’ international tax treaty network and with the private sector to facilitate the development of commercial opportunities.