Barbados Network Programme


One of the hallmark initiatives of the Consular Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade is the Barbados Network Programme, formerly referred to as the Returning National Programme.

The policy was first administered by the Facilitation Unit for Returning Nationals (FURN), but later amalgamated as an integral part of the Consular portfolio in the 1990’s. Its establishment was borne out of a commitment by the government to tangibly recognize the contributions of the diaspora in accelerating Barbados’ economic, social and cultural development.

Through a package of incentives designed to facilitate resettlement in Barbados; the policy was revised in September 2010, to create a platform for eligible Barbadians to benefit from duty-free concessions on their personal effects and one (1) vehicle per household at the time of resettlement.

In an effort to further enhance the resettlement experience, the Government of Barbados allowed nationals returning home “to purchase a vehicle free of duty, locally, once they have clearly established that they are using their own foreign exchange for the purpose.”


Planning for Resettlement

• Plan your return by first compiling all the required documents (see eligibility criteria – press link to the page). Commence your preparations four to six (4 to 6) months in advance.

• Review the Barbados Network Programme Guidelines and understand the requirements for eligibility, the benefits of the programme and the resettlement process.

• Interviews with the Consular officers within Ministry will be scheduled as required.

• Communication is key. Should you have any queries visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If you not do not see an answer to your query, please submit your question to

• All applicants must undergo a review of their travel history to ensure that the applicant has not breached the regulation by spending one hundred and eight-three (183) days or more in Barbados within a calendar year, in the ten years preceding resettlement.

Purchasing a Duty-Free Vehicle as a Barbados Networker

Barbadians who are intending to resettle on the island, having legal residence overseas for ten (10) years or more may purchase a duty-free vehicle under the Barbados Network programme. Barbadians who qualify for a duty-free vehicle must transfer the funds in full from their overseas account directly to the local car dealership. The designated vehicle dealers are Courtesy Garage, Ansa Motors, Simpson Motors, NASSCO and Platinum Motors.

There is one (1) duty-free vehicle per household.

• A vehicle may be purchased overseas and included in the shipment or purchased from a dealer in Barbados.

• A vehicle purchased from a dealer in Barbados is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The vehicle must be paid for in full from the applicant’s overseas account.
  2. Direct transfer of currency is forwarded to the car dealer’s bank account.
  3. Proof of payment is forwarded to the Ministry by the car dealer. Other details including the vehicle specifications are transmitted by the car dealer.

• The Ministry issues a letter of authorisation for duty-free concessions to the car dealership on behalf of the Barbados Networker.

• The car dealership completes its administrative procedures with the Customs and Excise Department and the Barbados Revenue Department before the vehicle is released to the Barbados Networker.

• To maintain duty-free status on the vehicle, the Barbados Networker must have the vehicle in his/her possession for five (5) years to avoid government penalties. The Barbados Networker is required to submit in person to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade the following documents annually for five years from the registration date of the vehicle…. :

  1. Insurance Renewal Certificate
  2. Road Tax Certificate
  3. Your Passport or Barbados Identification Card

Clearing Personal Effects Shipped to Barbados

• A local Customs Broker is an essential partner when clearing personal effects in Barbados.