Barbados & South Carolina Relations Can Bring Financial Gains

Minister of State in Foreign Trade and Business, Sandra Husbands, presents artwork by Natasia Rollock to South Carolina’s Mayor, John J. Tecklenburg, while Director of Investment and Marketing at Invest Barbados, Renatta Mohammed (left) and Honorary Consul for Barbados in South Carolina, Rhoda Green, look on. (Photo credit: T. Barker/BGIS)

Author: Sheena Forde-Craigg/BGIS

Business communities in Barbados and Charleston, South Carolina are seeking to build partnerships with each other that could foster monetary gains.

This was expressed by Minister of State in Foreign Trade and Business, Sandra Husbands, the Mayor of Charleston, South Carolina, John J. Tecklenburg and Consul General in Miami, Rudy Grant today during the Barbados/Carolina Connection Business Roundtable meeting, at the Hilton Barbados Resort.

Minister Husbands pointed out that these were times in which countries and regions were seeking to strengthen economic opportunities for meaningful trade outside traditional avenues. She stressed Barbados was “eager” to explore areas in trade and services that are mutually beneficial.

She explained: “This has become even more critical given the current geopolitical tensions emanating from the war in Ukraine and the market uncertainties that have not dissipated since the COVID-19 pandemic, … [and] your presence here demonstrates your willingness to bolster the business and cultural alliances that were established centuries ago.”

The Minister of State in Foreign Trade and Business told those from the business community at the roundtable meeting, including food and beverage companies, real estate, agritech, and medicinal marijuana entities of the potential the island held for partnerships to develop.

She noted that Barbados’ educated workforce and talent pool, political stability, business-friendly environment, competitive taxation regime, well-developed and modern infrastructure including efficient ICT framework, and high quality of life, were all key attributes on which Charleston’s businesses could chart their plans.

Ms. Husbands also expressed the hope that in a few months, following the roundtable meeting, a “plethora” of Barbadian products would be in Charleston supermarkets and Barbados would become the second home for Charlestonians.

Mayor Tecklenburg noted that he was enjoying the warm “wonderful” hospitality shown to the Charleston delegation since they arrived on the island four days ago, and out of the activities planned he looked forward most to the business roundtable meeting and the discussion surrounding “how are we going to make some money” between the two business communities.

He noted that the Charleston Chamber of Commerce was one of the oldest in the United States of America and over the years had successfully developed its tourism, logistics, healthcare and technology, and manufacturing sectors. 

Adding that making connections and building partnerships were key to achieving goals, Mr Tecklenburg stressed he believed that “you do best when you play on your strengths”.

The Mayor highlighted possible areas that Charleston and Barbados could explore with respect to cooperation. These included Agriculture; Port Logistics; Tourism; Architectural Restoration; Technology, and Education.

“I’m so excited with developing these ideas of many possibilities for Charleston and Barbados to collaborate and to make some money,” Mayor Tecklenburg said.

Meanwhile, Consul General in Miami, Rudy Grant, acknowledging he was “extremely excited” about the economic opportunities that could develop between Charleston and Barbados, stressed it was also about developing and deepening the historical bonds that already exist.


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