Message From Consul General Sonia Marville-Carter

I know you have been eagerly awaiting my arrival. I am happy to announce that I AM HERE!  Ready and willing to work with each and every one of you in advancing Barbados, Barbadians and the Diaspora here in our host country CANADA.

Having just recently come on board I bring you WARM greetings from the Prime Minister, Government of Barbados and all the many Barbadians at home who are very aware of the need for warmth at this time of the year.
I also bring you greetings from Team Barbados at Toronto all of whom are excited to embark on an energized campaign to reposition Barbados and ensure that the diaspora is not only informed and engaged but heavily involved in our quest to bring social and economic transformation to our people here and at home. More than ever before we need to join hands and work together to ensure that no one is left behind, that recapturing favourable market share is not just a catch phrase, but a reality.
I thank all of the members of the organisations, associations and the Missions for their tireless efforts on behalf of BARBADOS. Yes, you all have been working hard, I therefore ask that we not just continue, but redouble our efforts to ensure the success of Barbados and the Diaspora as a whole.

And finally but by no means least, I take this opportunity to say HAPPY 52nd INDEPENDENCE BARBADOS and I look forward to engaging with all of you at the many upcoming events.
God bless BIM on Independence Day, God bless BIM we hope and pray.

Sonia Marville-Carter
​Consul General