Foreign Affairs

“We shall not involve ourselves in sterile ideological wrangling because we are exponents not of the diplomacy of power but of the diplomacy of peace and prosperity”

December 6, 1966
Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Errol W. Barrow
Speech to the UN General Assembly

Our Overarching Motivation

The overarching motivation of Barbados’ foreign policy over is position itself in the international system in order to safeguard its national interest.  National security, economic well-being, the maintenance and advancement of a positive international image, the embracing and protection of its citizens overseas, engagement of the diaspora in promoting Barbados’ interests and regional economic integration and cooperation constituted the essence of that national interest.

Six broad foreign policy goals guide Barbados’ engagement with the outside world. These broad goals, which defined the commitment to “a diplomacy of peace, security and prosperity” are:

  • Protecting the Security of Barbados and its People
  • Advancing the Economic and Social Well-being of Barbados and its People
  • Maintaining and Elevating the Image and Profile of Barbados in the International Arena
  • Embracing and Protecting Barbadians Overseas
  • Promoting Regional Integration and Cooperation
  • Maintaining and Enhancing Operational Capability