The National Flag of Barbados

The National Flag of Barbados is composed of three vertical panels - the outer panels of ultramarine and the centre panel of gold. A broken trident in black is the centre of the flag. The British standard code numbers for the flag are as follows: Ultramarine - BCC148, Gold - BSO/002. The flag is designed in the proportions 3:2. The description of the flag - Blue for the sea and sky of Barbados; Gold for the sand of its beaches.

The symbol in the centre panel is the Trident of the Mythical Sea God Neptune. This symbol appears in the Seal of the Colony which was replaced by the Barbados Coat of Arms. The shaft of the Trident is broken indicating Barbados' break with its historical and constitutional ties.

The National Flag was designed by Mr. Grantley W. Prescod. His design was chosen from 1, 029 entries in an open competition organised by the Government of Barbados. Mr. Prescod was awarded a Gold Medal, an inscribed scroll from the government and $500 which was donated by the Advocate Company Limited. The judges of the competition were Mr. Bruce St. John, Chairman; Major Leonard Banfield; Mr. Maurice Cave; Mr. Neville Connell; Mrs. Enid Lynch and Mrs. B. Ward.

Mr. Prescod attended St. Barnabas Boys School. He taught before undertaking a one year course at the West of England College of Arts for Specialist Teachers of Art from 1962 to 1963. He also attained a certificate in Education from Bristol University. Between 1967 and 1972, he studied for the Master of Education degree majoring in Art Education at Temple University, Philadelphia, USA.
Mr. Prescod taught at the Parkinson Secondary School. He served as an Education Officer from September 1977 until he retired in February 1987.

Mr. Prescod died on 12 November 2003 at the age of 77.


The correct Position and Draping of the Flag of Barbados

In the case of official photographs and appearances on television and other official functions, the flag should always stand on the right of the speaker. In addition, the broken trident should point to the right, i.e. the observer's left facing it.

The national flag of Barbados correctly draped when attached to a pike on a stand.

pdf Code of etiquette for use of the National Flag (21 KB)