Americas-Hemispheric Division

The Ministry’s hemispheric arm is responsible for promoting integration and the development of policies that allow the constructive achievement of Barbados’ relationship with countries of the Americas – North, South and Central America. Primary emphasis is on leveraging the advantages of financial, economic, and political ties.

The Division is also responsible for identifying new areas for technical cooperation in global, regional hemispheric and international organizations, as well as collaborative projects involving each or all of the hemispheric institutions.

The combination of regional and hemispheric relations holds many economic advantages for Barbados and the Caribbean as a whole. As Barbados relies heavily on investment and trade from North American states such as Canada and the United States, hemispheric relations serve to assist in the recognition of many peculiar vulnerabilities and concerns unique to the region. As a result, Barbados is afforded a measure of stability and competitiveness in an intrinsically transformable global economy.

There is no doubt that hemispheric relations are extremely helpful in regional development. However, the hemispheric security system has noticeably changed due to the increase of new and existing political, economic and terrorist threats and thus, results in the increasing complexity of the international system. This change has therefore impacted the manner in which Barbados and North American states approach and conduct their affairs.

Yet, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade still readily admits the importance of these countries and how they remain central to the foreign policy objectives of Barbados.