The strategic orientation of Barbados’ foreign policy has maintained and is projected to maintain its basic tenets for the foreseeable future. Based on a review of Barbados’ foreign policy between 2000 to 2013 and an outline of the strategic vision going forward, several foreign policy goals have been identified as follows:

• Goal one: Protecting the Security of Barbados and its People
• Goal Two: Advancing the Economic and Social Well-being of Barbados and its People
• Goal Three: Maintaining and Elevating the Image and Profile of Barbados in the International Arena
• Goal Four: Embracing and Protecting Barbadians Overseas
• Goal Five: Promoting Regional Integration and Cooperation
• Goal Six: Maintaining and Enhancing Operational Capability

It is generally agreed that the administration of Barbados’ foreign policy must continue to be responsive and dynamic in its approach to the ever changing international arena and therefore must be recalibrated on a more frequent basis.

In this regard, it is to be noted that both at the Cabinet level as well as the level of Ministries and Departments, mechanisms are in place to prioritise and give strategic guidance to foreign policy initiatives as well as to review the implementation of initiatives previously agreed.

In addition, the Council for Investment, Exports, Foreign Exchange and the Diaspora (CIEX) continues to be a key mechanism for coordination which utilizes the ‘Team Barbados’ approach to initiatives that are cross-sectoral and engage Barbados with the outside world.

Preparation of the Ministry’s Strategic Plan is underway, in consultation with Ministries/Departments as well as the private and non-governmental sectors, given the very close connection between foreign policy and domestic policy.

These new institutional arrangements and initiatives for the formulation and coordinated implementation of Barbados’ foreign policy are expected to allow Barbados to continue to position itself and defend its interests in an increasingly more competitive global environment.