Multilateral Division

The Multilateral Division at the Barbados Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade is responsible for organising relations between Barbados and other territories. It continuously operates under principles such as indivisibility, reciprocity diffusion, dispute settlement and durability and influence. It is also primarily responsible for reviewing and evaluating treaties other international entities and ensuring that they are beneficial to Barbados and its residents. The Division encourages Barbados’ participation in multilateral negotiations at the global and regional level which can afford Barbados the ability to play a more important role in regional and international development policies.

Some of the international entities/multilateral forums that Barbados is affiliated with are

  • The United Nations (UN)
  • The Organisation of American States (OAS)
  • The Caribbean Community (CARICOM)
  • The Association of Caribbean States (ACS)
  • The Commonwealth
  • The Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Group (ACP)

Barbados also is a leader on issues related to the special concerns of small-island developing states (SIDS) and small economies and is a strong advocate on questions of human rights, democracy, poverty reduction, and sustainable development, among other functional areas.