New Children’s Book, “I Am CARICOM: Kofi’s Journey”

Principal Heather Parris and pupils at the Bay Primary School accept the children’s book I AM CARICOM! Kofi’s Journey published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade from Barbados’ Ambassador to CARICOM, H.E. David Comissiong. (Credit: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade)

As part of  Barbados’ celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) next month, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade has published “I am CARICOM! Kofi’s Journey”, a fun and educational adventure children’s book aimed at senior primary and junior secondary school children, ages 8-12.

“I am CARICOM! Kofi’s Journey” tells the story of Kofi, a young boy who travels across the Caribbean region to learn about CARICOM and some of its member states. Through Kofi’s adventures, readers are introduced to the cultural and historical diversity of the Caribbean, as well as CARICOM’s cooperation of CARICOM on a wide range of subjects.

The book was launched at a ceremony on Friday, June 16, at the Bay Primary School, Bay Gardens, and it was also formally deposited with the National Library Service.

Accordingto Barbados’ Ambassador to CARICOM, David Comissiong,  “Kofi’s Journey” is aimed at educating primary and secondary school students about the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), under the CARICOM Secretariat’s “I am CARICOM” region-wide, public education campaign.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade hopes that ‘I am CARICOM: Kofi’s Journey’ will inspire a new generation of Caribbean leaders and thinkers, and promote the cooperation and collaboration of CARICOM member states among future CARICOM nationals – our young people,” said Ambassador Comissiong.

Principal of Bay Primary, Heather Parris expressed appreciation that the school was chosen for the significant event.  She pointed out that the school is committed to academic excellence in a community of diverse ethnic representation from across CARICOM. She added that there were students from Jamaica, Guyana and from the African country of Ghana.

Communication Specialist of the CARICOM Secretariat, CSME Unit, Salas Hamilton, commended the Ministry’s effort and disclosed that across the region, CARICOM Members were encouraged to undertake activities to honour the historic milestone of the Community.

The 28-page full-colour book, which includes maps, facts and flags of the 15-nation community and associate members, is written by Dawne Marie Parris and illustrated by Natalie Jackson.

The author said that in recent years she has become increasingly interested in education and the role of literature in promoting learning and development among young people. Parris expressed thanks to the Barbados Ministry of Foreign Affairs which kindly supported her proposal to collaborate on the project.

“I hope that ‘Kofi’s Journey’ will be an important contribution to a national campaign to get children to understand and buy into CARICOM,” said Parris. “The only way for CARICOM to actually work the way it is intended is for the future generations to understand and support it.” (MFAFT)

Author: Government of Barbados

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

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