Barbados has embarked on a National Philanthropy Programme focusing on public healthcare institutions and a number of key environmental, education and community-based initiatives.

The National Philanthropy Programme highlights the importance of a ‘culture of giving to Barbados’ national development’ and facilitates the participation and contributions of stakeholders at every level. 

The act of giving unites sectors and communities around common causes. Giving increases emotional awareness, compassion and consideration. These are all critical elements to strengthening communities and national development.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Partnership Relations is lead on a initiative to introduce  Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) legislation to replace the existing Charities Act. This NGO legislation will offer the best regulatory framework for Barbados that considers the dynamics of the combination of volunteerism, community based initiatives, ordinary individual givers, corporate social responsibility activities, high net worth individuals, as well as mobilised virtual platforms that currently make up Barbados’ philanthropic environment.  

For those seeking to contribute to Barbados’ philanthropic environment, some charity institutions are: 

  • The Barbados Cancer Society and Cancer Support Services 
  • The Barbados Community Colleage
  • The Barbados National Trust 
  • The Barbados Small Business Association
  • The Challenor Creative Arts and Training Centre
  • The Child Care Board
  • The Kiwanis Club of Barbados
  • The Lions Club of Barbados
  • The National Assistance Board  
  • The National Council of Substance Abuse
  • The National Sports Council
  • The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Board
  • The Sanitation Service Authority (SSA)