Tracing your Barbadian Roots

(photo by Barbados Tourism Product Authority)

Genealogy Research is the process by which historical records and genetic analysis are used to determine kinship or family connections.

When one is on the quest in searching for family members, there are a couple things you need to know or bring along before conducting research:

  • Begin with the family members that you know
  • Dates of birth, baptism, marriage, death and burial are important when piecing together your family tree

Historically, Barbados played a major role in the settlement of the Americas by the English. The island is described as the springboard for demographic movement in the English colonization of the Americas, and a significant gateway for many wanting to settle on the “richest spot on earth”. As a result, it is considered that approximately 7 to 10 million Americans can trace their roots to Barbados.

Additionally, Barbados has notable connections with:

  • South Carolina (a colony founded another colony – Barbados founded South Carolina in the 17th Century)
  • Panama (a number of Barbadians went to Panama to build the Canal – one of the Greatest Wonders of the Modern World)
  • Cuba (many Barbadians settled in Cuba by way of Panama)
  • Brazil

Photos by Barbados Tourism Product Authority