The BARBADOS NETWORK PROGRAMME was relaunched on September 01, 2010 after its initial establishment on February 16, 1996 as the Facilitation Unit for Returning Nationals (FURN). The Networker's programme seeks to facilitate the resettlement of Barbadians who are permanently relocating from overseas . Administered by the Consular Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it provides pertinent information as well as oversees a duty-free scheme for some of the personal imports of Networkers.



Main Purposes of the Barbados Networkers Programme

  1. Duty free entry by the Networker of their household effects, tools/equipment of their trade or profession and one vehicle per family into Barbados.
  2. Simplify and facilitate the resettlement process in an easy to manage and hassle free manner.
  3. Maintain a register of the various skills and expertise which Networkers may be able to use in the further development of Barbados.


Key Requirements

To qualify as a Barbadian Networker (Returning National) a person must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Barbadian citizenship (by birth, registration , descent or naturalization)
  2. Reside outside of Barbados for at least 10 years immediately preceding their return to Barbados. (A person does not have to meet the 10 year requirement if they are eligible for citizenship by descent and have formally applied for Barbadian citizenship)
  3. Permanently returning to Barbados.
  4. Not previously a Networker.
  5. Must not have lived in Barbados for six months (183 days) in any calendar year during the 10 years immediately preceding their return. 
  • Barbados Networkers can now purchase one vehicle per household duty-free from a local  (Barbados) garage. For networkers using this option payment can only be done via wire transfer from the Networkers' overseas account to the Garages' account. Please see the attached booklet for details.
  • The previous age requirement of 40 years has been discontinued: there is no longer an age requirement.
  • In addition, the previous requirement that the Networker should have previously lived in Barbados for 183 days before residence overseas has also been discontinued.

To learn more about the attractive package of concessions for Returning Nationals, please read the revised Barbados Networkers Booklet 2018.

The supplementary document  Barbados Networkers Programme Made Easy also provides key information in an abbreviated form. It should be read in conjunction with the more detailed Barbados Networkers booklet. 

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